Creative Sew-Jo

I’m really enjoying the process of creating various Inventory Quilts. Jessica @JessicaQuilter, joined us in sharing her process of creating an Inventory Quilt and it spurred us on to take a deep dive into our fabric stash. Our quilt along had the harsh interruption of switching gears to mask making, but now that states and businesses are opening up and people are visiting with each other, there’s been this mental lift that we can get back to enjoying the things we love. The creative sew-jo is returning. Such a blessing and relief.

I’ve decided to pick up where I left off last year, to just move forward, and it’s spurring me on to finish up my UFOs and design some new patterns. It’s a good feeling. My hope for you is that you too will jump back in to creating your quilts. Need a kick start? Enjoy a few minutes tidying an area, prep some fabric for cutting or pinning and clear an area around your sewing machine. It’s guaranteed to bring you a smile and some energy.

Next, choose one step to work on for your project and each time you finish a step, and you’re ready to be done for the day, just spend 2-3 minutes setting your project up for what comes next. If it’s pressing, place your pieced items on the ironing board with the iron next to it (unplugged of course), and it will be ready for you. You’ll feel it pulling you in the next time you have 15-20 minutes to make some progress.

I have found this one tip really helps keep the momentum of my project moving forward to completion and I always have something to look forward to – it’s ready to go! What are some of your tips to keep your sew-jo moving? Leave a comment below.

Are you making an Inventory Quilt? We’d love To see it! Tag us so we can cheer you on 💛

All the best to you!

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