EQ8 + Benartex + Christa Watson = Fandangle Fabric FUN

“Fantastic fun!” ran through my thoughts when I read that there was a Design Challenge using Christa Watson’s Fandangle fabric line with Benartex Fabrics. (Okay, yes, THAT was a long sentence, but feel the excitement!)

All of the EQ monthly challenges have been wonderful. They’ve provided me with the drive I need to reach a goal and develop my skills using the EQ8 software. I always enjoy having a goal and delivering a product I feel good about.


Oh My Stars, by Willow Olson
Bear Paw Stitch & Design

It was a pleasure to design a pattern with these fun fabrics! After seeing a few of Christa’s projects and seeing how well all of the colors play together, I knew I wanted to include the entire fabric line. I also wanted my design to use a package of pre-cuts – because don’t we all love having ALL the colors to choose from??? (Yes, yes we do 😊) A package of 10″x10″ and some background yardage will be just the thing to complete this lap size quilt top (48 x 60).

Thank you for sponsoring this fun opportunity!
Best regards,
Willow Olson



EQ8 Design Challenge, B3

Some days you just HAVE to use ALL the colors …Let’s just say I invited everyone to this “block” party 🙂

Giving up three cheers for EQ and their choice on this month’s block for the EQ Design Challenge. It’s a beauty. The block is Arrowheads from the Maltese Cross collection (image below).

After playing around for a bit with the layout and dimension, I decided I wanted to design this into a lap quilt, 50” x 67”. I really like how the center of this design became a flower medallion. It just exudes warmth and cheer (image below).

Sending all of you warmth and cheer AND lots of colorful rainbows!

Willow Olson
Bear Paw Stitch & Design


EQ8 Design Challenge, B2

Hi Everyone! I always love a sunny Saturday 😊

I’m excited to share this post with you because the “Do You EQ Challenge” got me to FINALLY explore my EQ8 design software! What was I waiting for? Wellll, you know, I needed to make the choice to have some “me time.” Can you relate? Yes, I’m sure you can. So here it is…

The challenge was to use the Chicago Star Block shown here and design a quilt. Game on! I love designing patterns and BONUS I’m using EQ8! Goals, Check. Happy girl here.

Chicago Star

Hmmm, now to spice it up into a quilt top…
First, I put the block on point and then after some various selections I found the flying geese were an absolute match. I love the way the geese make the arrow in the Chicago Star even more pronounced.

Arrows Coloring Sheet

Next, to add a a bit of color. I found the gradation of these teal tones to be so refreshing. Just perfect when you’re thinking about diving into some cool water on a hot summer day.

And there you have it, a lovey wall hanging measuring 25” x 25”.
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Now to go enjoy some lemonade! 🙂


I Wish You a Merry QAL Block 2

How have I been spending my time you ask??? Good question! I have been having a blast with a great group of people in the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along (QAL). It’s been neat to read the blogs of all the different hosts – 11 in all! – and see how they each approach the process of creating their block. I’ll be coming back to this post with some more updates, but in the meantime, I wanted to post my finished product.

Presenting block 2…



The other side of the room…

When Willow and I talked about the possibilityJeff and Willow of starting a quilting business, my first question (to myself) was how in the world is she going to have enough time to do her “day job” and still have time for this?  How much time is this going to take out of her day?  How am I going to be supportive (and survive) her stresses?  WHO IS GOING TO DO EVERYTHING SHE DOES AROUND THE HOUSE??????

Okay, so that may be a little dramatic but you get the heart of the matter.  This is going to be a change.

Since our first talks about quilting, I’ve been introduced to so much information and the most important thing I’ve learned is that I know absolutely nothing.  However, after several one on one classes with Willow I know the difference between applique and stitch-in-the-ditch now!  But there is one thing that bothers me….what is the deal with all the quilting/food crossovers and why all the yumminess?  Someone HAD to go with quilt sandwich?  Jelly roll?  Cake layer?  Chocolate cream filled truffle on top of three scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream?  Yeah that last one is mine but I’m going to figure out a way to apply it to quilting.

So this is the beginning of the adventure.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Willow and her wonderful talents as I do.  My hope is to support her, walk/hike/run/crawl this journey together, and give you an insight into what I’m experiencing as her husband and partner.

Have a great day and good quilting!  (Now where is she hiding those pastry rolls and layer cakes….)