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When you need a smidge more for your block to match up…

So, here’s the deal… You want those seams to match up for your pieces AND you want your block to have a straight edge on all 4 sides to be, you know, a square block. You took care of the first few steps: measured and cut properly, sewn with that scant ¼” , but why oh, why is it not matching up how it should???

Work with me here. We have several seams here and they need some assistance staying put and matching up corner to corner.

The blue clips are keeping the starting and finishing ends in check AND the seams nested. The orange clips are keeping the piecework underneath (that we can’t keep an eye on) lined up with the top layer – that’s just an extra security measure – and for most, probably unnecessary, but this is that block that just needs some extra hand holding, am I right!?! NOW, those PINK clips – Those are helping with the extra seam that you’re trying to get that scant measurement from – you’re squeezing just a smidge from them by keeping them Flat and NOT tugging.

Here’s hoping this helps you “just a smidge” 🙂