Cutting into your Kinship Fusion Sampler Fabrics with AccuQuilt

I enjoy the camaraderie between quilters when we’re all working on a quilt along project. We all go at our own pace – some zoooom to the finish and have the top completed before others even choose the fabrics. It’s all good. The quilt along method I enjoy is prepping my fabric piecework as much as possible. Read below to find out some tips for quilt alongs and how I prep my fabric for the Kinship Fusion Sampler pattern by Gnome Angel. 

Prepping my fabric takes place in one of two ways:

  1. Cut all the piecework ahead of time for the blocks to be sewn each day, label with the block number or day to work on it, and sew it on the designated day. This way all my fabric cutting is efficiently done ahead of time and my piecework time can be done before my work day starts or when I squeeze in my 15-20 minute sew time (me time). I find this method works best when working with quilt patterns that involve 12 blocks or something similar in number. And I also feel invited to go and sew each day because the fabrics are ready for me to just sit and sew.

Now we have a sampler quilt that has an abundance of blocks…100 blocks! Sayyy whuuut!?! This is where the introduction takes place, “Kinship meet AccuQuilt, AccuQuilt meet Kinship.” And so the friendship begins and my cutting life becomes that much easier and faster.

  1. What I have found that works really well for the Kinship Fusion Sampler pattern (100 blocks in 100 days!), is to prep my fabric in strips and trim to the necessary length as I go. Here’s my process…

I read through the entire pattern book and colored my quilt chart to coordinate with my fabrics.

From here I searched out common piece widths – trust me you’ll notice size commonalities. Whether it’s this pattern or another, do you see a lot of 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5” or ___” widths throughout? Then cut these strips from your chosen fabric and subcut the correct length from them as needed. Doing this really helps minimize your cut time so you can get to your beloved sewing.

Next, what piecework do you see in the pattern that you can cut with your AccuQuilt (AQ) dies? Obviously you can use the strip cutters for the strips, but what about the half square triangles (HST), the quarter square triangles (QST), the flying geese (FG) and other shapes? Count those up and check your AQ chart for how many cuts can be made from a strip. Now cut those strips as well and then use the dies to prep your fabric for piecing.

I have chosen to use 6 fabrics for my version of this pattern. Three of the fabrics are basics – no need to fussy cut them. Two fabrics are semi fussy cut, so I was a little more particular where I aligned my strips to be cut. And my last fabric is definitely my focal print. This is the only fabric that I will be cutting as I go so that those beautiful, colorful flowers are placed to catch your eye. Little tip for fussy cutting… create a cutout frame from paper or cardboard so you can select and visualize the area of fabric to fussy cut for your pieces.

Kinship Blocks 1, 2, 8, 7, 10 & 18

I look forward to seeing your Kinship blocks and hearing about your process in the comments below. Click the “follow” link to join in on more upcoming quilt projects because quilting together is truly the best!

Blessings to you for a beautiful day!

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