October’s Monthly Color Challenge

October is here and it’s time to go bold with your reds for the Monthly Color Challenge.

Colors shown here: Real Red & Crimson
Palette Solids by PaintBrush Studio Fabrics

This block comes together so quickly – just nest those seams together and voila, it’s done in a snap! I am a firm believer in using lots of fabric clips when it comes to piecing. I like to place a clip at each intersection to keep the seams of “the nest” held snug together. Then when they are pressed open, they are nice and crisp. 

Nested seams

(Pssst, here’s my quilter to quilter public service announcement: Out of pure curiosity I started using a wool pressing mat and am pleasantly surprised that the finished blocks are laying even more flat. I admit that there are a lot of gadgets out there, but I’m happy that I gave this one a try – it’s a keeper.)

If you’ve been following along and seeing posts for the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge with Jen of Patterns By Jen and would like to join in, you can find her pattern links here. Each month she posts her free for the month block pattern and is also hosting a Facebook group quilt along. Come join the fun!

And if you love these colors as much as I do and love working with solid fabrics, I encourage you to check out Painter’s Palette Solids by PaintBrush Studio Fabrics. These cottons are soft and lovely – and the part I love the most – they don’t fray – that makes our sewing life so much easier.

Clockwise from the top: Island, Irish Spring*, Banana, Daisy, Tangerine, Burnt Orange, Goldenrod*, Clementine, Burnt Sienna*, Real Red, Crimson, Bubble Gum, Shell Pink*, Thistle*, Lavender, Dewberry, Amethyst, Midnight*, China Blue*, Haze*, Cracked Ice, Gulfstream, Teal*, Dark Sea Green, Android
(* = 2019 Colors of the Year)

BLOG HOP – Check out all these great posts and follow along with the fun! We’d love to see the blocks that you create!

Jen Shaffer, Patterns by Jen
Willow Olson, Bear Paw Stitch & Design <—— you are here
Sarah Myers, The Quilted Diary
Mona Phelps, Kentucky Whittaker Creations
Pamela Boatright, PamelaQuilts
Joanne Hubbard, Everyone Deserves a Quilt

Warmest regards,
Willow Olson

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