EQ8 + Benartex + Christa Watson = Fandangle Fabric FUN

“Fantastic fun!” ran through my thoughts when I read that there was a Design Challenge using Christa Watson’s Fandangle fabric line with Benartex Fabrics. (Okay, yes, THAT was a long sentence, but feel the excitement!)

All of the EQ monthly challenges have been wonderful. They’ve provided me with the drive I need to reach a goal and develop my skills using the EQ8 software. I always enjoy having a goal and delivering a product I feel good about.


Oh My Stars, by Willow Olson
Bear Paw Stitch & Design

It was a pleasure to design a pattern with these fun fabrics! After seeing a few of Christa’s projects and seeing how well all of the colors play together, I knew I wanted to include the entire fabric line. I also wanted my design to use a package of pre-cuts – because don’t we all love having ALL the colors to choose from??? (Yes, yes we do 😊) A package of 10″x10″ and some background yardage will be just the thing to complete this lap size quilt top (48 x 60).

Thank you for sponsoring this fun opportunity!
Best regards,
Willow Olson


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