February’s Monthly Color Challenge

I Love February …there are splashes of Pink everywhere! There’s just something about seeing pink hearts that makes me smile and feel like Spring is on it’s way.

For my February block I’ve used Painter’s Palette Solids Bubble Gum & Shell Pink, from the 2019 Trend Fabrics.

Looking to get that scant ¼” seam sewn with ease? I use a ¼” ruler to mark my fabric and then sew just a thread’s width away from the line (see pictures below).

Also, in order to keep my seams nested together, I use this little tool for the added touch of holding everything in place as the seam approaches the presser foot and needle.

Now for trimming your squares…you want to place your center point at the place that is HALF of what your unfinished block should be – that way you can trim up all four sides and keep your center where it should be. Also note that I’m using the diagonal line on my ruler to line up with the seam of the block. And Voila, you’ll have your four squared up sections in no time at all!

If you’ve been following along with Jen and the Monthly Color Challenge you’ve seen lots of beautiful pink blocks this month. If this is new to you, then make sure to check Jen’s post for the link to this month’s pattern in the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge. It’s available for free through the end of February. Also, you can sign up for her email to get the upcoming blocks (Mar to Dec) delivered to your inbox.

Follow everyone’s progress on Instagram #2019monthlycolorchallenge

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Visit PBS Studios to see their full line of solids – there are So Many to choose from! Here is my color selection for all 12 blocks.

Clockwise from the top: Island, Irish Spring*, Banana, Daisy, Tangerine, Burnt Orange, Goldenrod*, Clementine, Burnt Sienna*, Real Red, Crimson, Bubble Gum, Shell Pink*, Thistle*, Lavender, Dewberry, Amethyst, Midnight*, China Blue*, Haze*, Cracked Ice, Gulfstream, Teal*, Dark Sea Green, Android (* = 2019 Trend Fabrics)

2 thoughts on “February’s Monthly Color Challenge”

  1. Very eager to know where to source red, black, white and gray fabric used in quilt block featuring tiny puffins posted on Instagram recently. H elp !!!


    1. I hear ya! That is some fabulous fabric! So, the details: Michael Miller Fabric, the line is Acadia and it IS currently available 🙂 I encourage you to always try your LQS first, but if it’s not available there then there are several places to purchase it online. Can’t wait to see what you make with it! Tag me so I can cheer you on 🙂 And most of all, Have Fun!


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